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What to do if you have no power. Then call PE

How to replace smoke detector batteries and test unit.

Food safety tips during power outages.

Pre-Blackout Tips FEMA


Where to find those water leaks costing you $.

How to fix a leak under a sink. Hand tighten first.

How to shut off the water. Call city 24 hrs if major break.

How to fix a leaking toilet. Shut valve off to fixed, check chain.

How to unclog a toilet. Plunger/Dish Soap.

How to flush if water turned off. Fill tub if storm coming.

How to unclog a shower with hair clog gel.

How to unclog hair in a sink drain. Zip It

Only toilet paper nothing else or $$$ charge to you.

Install your washer correctly or $$$ charge for leaks.


Check this before calling for air conditioner service.

How to change Furnace Filter

How to Clean an air conditioning filter.

How to change thermostat batteries

Save Energy & Service charges keep HVAC filters clean.

Other Common Problems and Solution.

What is renters liability insurance why you need it!

How to get rid of mice. After 10 Days.

How to get rid of roaches. After 10 Days

How to get rid of fleas. After 10 Days.

How to deal with noisy neighbors, call the police.